The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, Barbados and the CARIFESTA XIII Secretariat have scheduled two (2) Super Concerts on the Festival Calendar aimed at celebrating the popular musical traditions of the Caribbean on Saturday, August 19 and Saturday, August 26, 2017 at the Kensington Oval. Private promoters are invited to place their bids to produce these events in partnership with the CARIFESTA XIII Secretariat.

Interested parties should submit their bids to the CARIFESTA Secretariat, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth expressing their interest, and giving a complete track record of music event production. Bids should be submitted via email to and copied to and .

Terms of Reference – CARIFESTA XIII Super Concerts



Every two years, CARICOM and Non-CARICOM countries of the Caribbean and Latin America gather to celebrate the spirit of their people through the expressions of Visual Art, Music, Food, Literature, Folklore, Theatre and Dance at the Caribbean Festival of Arts referred to as CARIFESTA.

In 2017, Barbados will be hosting the 13th edition of this exciting Festival with participation by over three thousand artists, artistes and artisans.


The theme “Asserting Our Culture, Celebrating OurSelves” brings focus to the need of Caribbean nations to confidently compete on the world stage with our unique empowering culture which has been the strength of the nations over the years.

The Festival will be part of the Barbados Biggest Summer of Caribbean Culture, as it will closely follow Crop Over… the Sweetest Summer Festival, which is known for its unique Barbadian soca music, masquerade and revelry.

Unlike Crop Over, CARIFESTA is a gathering of over 23 Caribbean and Latin-American nations showcasing a wide array of disciplines including film; folk traditions; several genres of music, theatre and dance; traditional culinary cuisine inclusive of national dishes and beverages at the largest gathering for Artistic expressions.

At the 13th edition, Barbados will feature two Super Concerts at Kensington Oval featuring Regional and Diasporic Caribbean acts celebrating the diversity and international appeal of the region’s musical traditions.

Role of the Host Country in Staging CARIFESTA

As host country Barbados’ mandate is to advance the new model for CARIFESTA towards strengthening the economic returns of the festival. With a stronger focus on the development of the cultural industries of the region, the Super Concerts are expected to be the main revenue earners of the Festival, presenting exciting music-driven programming with popular appeal. Barbados proposes to achieve this via a public/ private partnership with a promoter/promoters of proven track record in successfully producing such events.

The Role and Function of the CARIFESTA XIII Secretariat

The CARIFESTA Secretariat is the key administrative and artistic leader of the Festival. It reports to and is guided by the Host Country Management Committee which is chaired by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth with the Permanent Secretary and chief accounting officer as Deputy Chair.
The Secretariat is responsible for the direct interface with the CARICOM Secretariat, the Regional Cultural Directorate and all participating regional, diasporic and local constituents. It is also responsible for the development and management of the Festival calendar.

Secretariat Structure, Roles and Responsibilities and Organisational Chart

The CARIFESTA XII Secretariat is comprised of a Festival Director, Programme Coordinator, Artistic Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator and 3 clerical and administrative support staff.
The Secretariat’s work is supported by:

  1. A separately contracted Marketing team that is coordinated by the HCMC Marketing sub-committee
  2. The Senior Accountant, BCIDA, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.
  3. Various sub-committees guiding specific aspects of planning.
  4. Technical, advisory and specialist services provided by the NCF.
Main point/s of contact

Andrea Wells, Festival
Ruth Blackman, Permanent

Description of Assignment

Main Objective of Request for Proposal

The Secretariat is seeking expressions of interest in the licensing of the rights for the production and promotion of the CARIFESTA XIII Super Concerts. Promoters interested in such an arrangement should suggest the combination of acts, production values, costing of talent and marketing strategies to result in a highly successful outcome for the event(s) within the broad focus required by the Secretariat per event. The Secretariat will recommend acts for consideration towards the achievement of the events objectives.

Scope of Work

Desired Deliverables for CARIFESTA Super Concerts

Responsibility for the production of the Super Concerts will be primarily that of the assigned Producer. The Secretariat will only be responsible for the securing of the venue, the construction of the stage and provision of the basic technical infrastructure as well as the basic recording and documenting per event. It will offer advice towards the development and execution of the marketing and branding and the sourcing of sponsorship, however it will be the Producer’s responsibility to source event sponsorship, select and contract all performers, promote, advertise and manage all aspects of the events. The proposal should consider: VIP service (costs & benefits), ticket prices, production features, sponsorship opportunities, additional revenue potential.

Super Concert #1 (Working Title ‘WORD!!’) is proposed to celebrate the incredible Oral Traditions of the region: Rapso, Dub, Spoken Word, Fling, Extempo, Kaiso, Soca etc, etc and so show the link between the various forms across the region and their current popular presentations which inform the music scene regionally and internationally.

Super Concert #2 (Working Title ‘Caribbean Rhythm!!’) is proposed to look at the diverse popular rhythms of the region: Ska, Spouge, Kompa, Reggae etc showcasing the infectious dance rhythms of Caribbean music.

Both events would wish to expose veteran performers, up and coming ‘Young Turks’ and at least one big name to cap each show. The consideration of the talent would be informed by the Secretariat, but the final selection would be the responsibility of the Promoter(s) with emphasis on the use of acts that will draw a large, paying audience.

Characteristics of Service Provider

  1. The successful Service Provider should have over 10 years of Relevant Experience in the design and execution of large music events.
  2. Details of the members and Qualifications of the Service Provider’s Team should be included.
  3. The proposed approach and methodology to be used to successfully execute the Event should be stated.
  4. The relevant Skills / Competencies of the service provider should be outlined.

Deliverables & Submission Details

  1. Expressions of interest should be submitted by March 28, 2017 to the indicated emails and copied to
  2. An Event Concept Document with a proposed artist line-up, workplan and detailed budget outlining costs and projected revenue should be submitted by April 4th, 2017.

Terms for Billing / Financing

Financial arrangements involved in the planning and execution of the event

Once approved, the selected promoter(s)will be contracted accordingly:
Required payment of a License fee of $110,000.00 per event OR $200,000.00 for both events to the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Youth and agreement to the sharing of the Ministry’s proportion of broadcast revenues: Ministry-35/Promoter-65)

  1. Contract specifying licensee’s responsibilities signed by April 22nd
  2. 50% of agreed license fee to be paid to the Ministry by April 22nd and on signature of contract
  3. Remaining payment of 50% of agreed license fee to be paid to the Ministry by May 22nd.
  4. Ticket pricing/ structure agreed by both parties by May 7th.
  5. Performers contract fees paid by date of concert/ in accordance with the specifications of their respective contracts.
  6. Percentage of broadcast revenues as agreed will be paid by the Ministry 6 weeks after execution of the project on submission of final approved sales reports.

Intellectual Property

The Secretariat, as Producer of the Festival will negotiate any arrangements for ‘Pay per View’ or other broadcast revenue on behalf of both parties. Costs and Revenues from Pay-Per-View as earned by the Ministry will be shared by both parties. The relevant payments to the artists will consider their works performed to both live and Pay-Per-View audiences and must be stipulated by the Promoter within the artists contracts. Copies of all artist contracts issued must be shared with the Secretariat to ensure this requirement is met.

Conflict of Interest Clause

Service providers should declare upfront in their proposals, any issue that may create a conflict in working on the event.