Barbados is the wonderful blend of the hustle and bustle of a fast paced city and the laid back charm of a tropical island. You can relax and enjoy your calm and soothing surroundings; dine at world rated restaurants or savour local delights at the hundreds of village shops and bars around the island. Shop for luxury items at excellent duty free prices or enjoy a night on the town. There is something for everyone in Barbados.

This island boasts of well-established and accessible health and education institutions providing free healthcare and free education, to secondary level, to all its citizens. Barbadians are friendly, talented and creative people, products of a diverse cultural heritage that has imbued in all a sense of self-worth and set them apart as truly the island’s greatest asset.
Beautiful beaches and rugged bays fringe the island and everyone enjoys the beach culture. Whether sunbathing or swimming, fishing or surfing, the beautiful beaches, cooling breezes and clear aquamarine waters entice one and all. Cricket is the national sport, and old and young alike often enjoy a game of beach cricket. In 2007, Barbados hosted the final match and other significant matches of the Cricket World Cup.

Barbados recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary of Independence on November 30, 2016 with a year of activities being held in Barbados and across the global diaspora. The celebrations were entertaining, but also multi-dimensional and educational, with special emphasis on the youth.

Of special interest is the 50th Anniversary of Independence National Monument which shows the “Pathway from Independence to the Present”. It is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Property of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, and is situated on the Garrison Savannah, where the first Independence Day celebrations were launched. The pathway features some of Barbados’ defining moments, with strategically placed benches that bear the names of successive leaders who steered the island through the last 50 years. Encased on the platform, is a time capsule which includes elements of Barbadian life today, for future generations to discover and understand what life was like in Barbados on its 50th Anniversary. A central glass reflects Barbados’ significant achievements and the Broken Trident connotes the bold break from a colonial past. Here, the journeyed Commemorative Broken Trident will be on permanent display.

There’s always a reason for a visit to Barbados. Come for the charm and entertainment of any of our heritage festivals; the spiritual upliftment of the gospel Festival. Come for the various sporting events; Come for a meeting of minds at any of the international conferences held here. Come for the music and masquerade of the Crop Over Festival.

Come, we welcome you.

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