Every two years, CARICOM and CARIFORUM countries of the Caribbean and Latin America gather to celebrate the spirit of their people through the expressions of Art, Music, Food, Folklore, Theatre and Dance at the Caribbean Festival of Arts known as CARIFESTA.
In 2017, Barbados will be hosting the 13th edition of this exciting Festival with participation by over four thousand artists, artistes and artisans under the theme “Asserting Our Culture, Celebrating OurSelves”.

The Theme

Asserting Our Culture, Celebrating OurSelves speaks to the connectivity of the region brought about by our common history and heritage and the strong sense of community and identity this connectivity generates. It is also informed by the commitment made by Ministers at the 22nd Meeting of the COHSOD held in February 2012 in Guyana to implement the new CARIFESTA model on an incremental basis in future presentations of the event. Specifically it draws on their view that greater emphasis should be placed on the development of the cultural industries in the region as well as Festival Tourism, which for Barbados is being placed within the broader sphere of cultural tourism.

The Biggest Summer for Caribbean Culture

The Festival will be part of the Barbados Big Summer of Festivals season, as it will closely follow Crop Over… the Sweetest Summer Festival, which is known for its unique Barbadian masquerade, soca music and revelry.
Unlike Crop Over, CARIFESTA is a gathering of over 23 Caribbean and Latin America nations showcasing a wide array of disciplines including film; folk traditions; several genres of music, theatre and dance; traditional culinary cuisine inclusive of national dishes and beverages at the largest gathering for Artistic expressions.
With it Super Concerts featuring Regional and International star studded performances; its Signal Events for the High Arts; and the traditions of many Country Nights showcases, CARIFESTA XIII, August 2017, is set to make Barbados a popular Summer Holiday destinations for 2017.

3 Main Lines of Programming

CARIFESTA 13 will be organised along three main lines of programming:

  1. CARICOM National Events represent the core of the Festival and will feature the presentations of the visiting national delegations as funded by participating CARICOM member states in all artistic disciplines. These programmes will feature on the Festival’s main stages and at the primary venues being refurbished for CARIFESTA. Barbados’ National programme is being produced by the NCF .
  2. Signal Events, feature the Excellence of Caribbean professional arts and are funded primarily by the Host Country and/or other CARICOM member states. These events will be of an unquestionably high standard towards celebrating the heights of Caribbean artistic achievement. Three events celebrating Caribbean Excellence will be featured in:
    1. Dance -‘Danse Caraibes’
    2. Literature- ‘A Literary Evening’
    3. Visual Arts- ‘Masters Exhibition’
  3. The third line of activity the Creative Fringe will be the vibrant and varied community-lead programme based in various centres around the island. This specific tranche of activity empowers the wider artistic community to develop their own programme and stake their claim in the festival. A vibrant community arts scene will engage visiting artists with additional performance opportunities as well as dynamic and spontaneous exchanges at the community level and therefore building a greater regional artistic network on the ground. In response to the Ministry’s call for participation 55 proposals have been submitted and are now being reviewed by the Secretariat. Those that are approved will be listed and promoted on the CARIFESTA website as a part of the Creative Fringe calendar.

The Grand Market & Buyers’ Shopping Mall

The Mission of CARIFESTA XIII which draws on the CARICOM Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Festival is to –

“Showcase the Cultural Industries as a legitimate aspect of Caribbean economies; their potential and sustainability as an economic sector; and the contribution of the Festival to the development of Cultural Tourism in the region”.

At the 13th edition, Barbados will launch the newly modelled market place for buyers, distributors and exhibitors at the Grand Market & Buyers’ Shopping Mall, designed to showcase the emergence of the Caribbean Cultural and Creative Industries.

See You at CARIFESTA XIII!  Remember to book early to secure your hotel accommodation.

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