Local registered artistes desirous of producing indigenous items for the Festival can now do so, free of charge.

Businesses or business persons desirous of duplicating the logo on commercially produced, or imported branded items (like cups, mugs, pens, t-shirts etc) are required to pay a license fee of $500 BDS for reproducing the logo on one item or $1,000 BDS for up to three different items. Payment is to be made to the CARIFESTA XIII Secretariat.

All should apply to the CARIFESTA Secretariat via the application form HERE no later than April 18, 2017.

To understand how to use the logo and the logo requirements download the Brand Identity Guidelines  HERE.



Entitled OUR CULTURE, the CARIFESTA XIII logo was designed by Graphic Artist and Barbados Community College tutor, Alan Lowe.

The design approach plays with layering images and using simple shapes and colour. This elegant design hints at various aspects of our arts and culture and other abstract notions.

From within this mix of shapes and colour the image of a dancing, costumed masquerader emerges. Masquerade embodies notions of dance, theatre, fashion and design. The masquerader’s ‘body’ is created by the negative space between the ‘wings/petals’ on either side of the image. The head of the masquerader is set within an artist’s palette/speech bubble, hinting at the notion of communication. The bubble is modified into an instrument with the addition of a ‘guitar’ head.

The fish makes reference to the flying fish and is set against a sun of Cou-Cou. Flying-fish & Cou-Cou the national dish of Barbados; the host of CARIFESTA XIII.

The ‘butterfly wing’ with its artist eye also hints of the steel pan. The upper part of the wing when taken with the body of the fish on the other side of the image creates an abstracted face (with one small eye, one big eye). A masked creature of folklore and of drama and theatrical note.





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